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  1. Hey Everyone! I'm new here so I'll introduce myself! My name is Carlos! I'm 22 and I'm a EMT/CHT from the Bronx NYC and looking forward to joining the 501st as a Sandtrooper! Growing up I had always loved the outfits of the stormtroopers especially the Sandtroopers with their awesome pauldrons and backpacks, lets not forget that awesome DLT-19! And fell even more in love with the Phase 2 501st legion Clone Trooper when my addiction to the original SWBF2 in 2005 started! Something about that blue armor was just so beautiful to me, and ever since then I've always dreamed of cosplaying a trooper, little did I know that at my first NYCC I would find an awesome legion of people who feel the same way! Glad to be here everyone I look forward to joining the ranks soon!
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