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  1. Oh thank you, the gallery is a good help. I think I will stick to the 12mm. I am more a taller skinny guy, I think this should work.
  2. Hello there! I have just started to build my RS Propmasters Kit. After a long research i found the information that the Coverstrips for the Arm parts are about 15mm. The RS Propmasters Youtube Guide is telling they are about 12 mm. I have already build the Biceps with the 12mm Cover strips but i am a little insecure if i should proceed with these dimensions or should i remove the coverstrips and start over with 15mm. A mix of a Biceps with 12mm and a Forearm with 15mm would be another possibility, but i am not sure this looks good. Maybe it doesn’t matter anyway, but maybe somebody can help me out with this problem Kind regards from Hamburg!
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