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  1. Here are the pictures. I screwed up my attachment limit with the first upload, that’s why I‘m using an external holster:
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently building my TK Kit from Troopermaster and therefore looking to get some advise / help here. A little details about myself: Markus, mid 30s from Germany, airline pilot in the normal world. Except for being a Star Wars Fan my other interests are cars, (dirt)bikes and Mountainbikes. I do a lot of DIY on the cars and bikes, but except for some model building as a kid I have no special experience that „helps“ with the TK Kit. Through the 501st I found a friend not too far away that helps me with the build, despite that I don‘t wanna bother him for any small question. My build itself is already in the „advanced“ stage I would say. Shins, forearms and biceps are already completely glued etc. I hope to finish the thighs within this week and start with some strapping. Now the first questions: I‘m trying to get the sniper knee attached to the left shin. The problem is I can‘t get it really flush, there is a huge gap in the front. My shins are a bit tight because I‘m overall quite skinny (154lbs / 69kg and 177cm), so the sniper knee is wider in the middle than my shins. Any ideas how to fix this / the best way to get the sniper knee attached? (Pictures will be in the next post, I‘m getting errors when uploading them in this one)
  3. That explains it, so it‘s a technical issue. Like I said it would be weird to make information „members only“ that includes tutorials to become a member. I might start a build thread in a few days. Sadly my build is gonna be paused for the next week because I have to go on a business trip over christmas. But I am already eager to continue my TK
  4. I was refering to this (very handy) topic: e.g the link to „thighs assemly“ leads me to a topic that I cannot access. The same with „arm armor assembly“, which is actually the one I wanted to check before starting my arms. What I know from many other forums on various topics, that it is not appreciated to ask the same questions over and over again, while they were already answered in tutorials. That‘s why I wanted to study those tutorials / pinned threads first and if specific questions come up which are not answered there already, start a build thread.
  5. Hello folks, after doing thorough research via this forum I have recently started building my TM TK Kit. The „All-In-One TK ANH Stunt Index of Resources by MaskedVengeance“ has been pretty useful and holds a lot of good links / tutorials. The only problem is 40-50% of the topics are restricted to legion / detachment members only. So in order to get the help to build a kit, which is a requirement for the membership, you need to have membership first?! Is there a huge brainfart in my logic or did I miss the possibility to get access otherwise? If yes I would be more than happy to be guided in the right direction… thanks for help and my apologies for any spelling / grammar mistakes, english is not my first language
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