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  1. Will do. Thank you.
  2. Indeed, time to play the waiting game. I think I misspoke, I said build instead of commission. Perhaps I took the "easier path", if there is such a thing, with my first entry into this new world, but nevertheless very excited.
  3. Welcome to the FISD! Best of luck with your build.
  4. Order placed with AM. Went for ESB version with the bucket breeze, Ukswrath voice and hearing, E-11 hasbro conversion blaster with boots, undersuit and neck seal. Here we go!!
  5. I have been dragging my feet on getting my order done, terrible. Getting very close with AM now to finalise everything. Slow and steady wins the race.
  6. The two options they have for ESB are https://www.rspropmasters.com/store/snowtrooper/snowtrooper-blasters/blaster-e-11-empire-strikes-back-style-stuntbackground/ https://www.rspropmasters.com/store/snowtrooper/snowtrooper-blasters/blaster-e-11-empire-strikes-back-style-hero/
  7. Ahh the joys of work taking my time away from this fun haha Talking with Dave from AM, I am leaning towards his Armor commission build which he offers. Has anyone done this method before? I am also interested in the fan kit option he has for the helmet and the Thermo Detonator clips with screws. Also didn't know there were options to add electronics in the helmet for voice and hearing, amazing haha, Has anyone tried these or done something similar? Looking around at the E-11's, are the one offered by RS propmasters approvable?
  8. Thank you all for the kind words. Great to see so many friendly people. Thanks for all your tips, I am sure I'll have many more questions in the future. Got a reply from Dave C at davesdarksidedepot@gmail.com (armor masters), lots of helpful info about the kits with time frames and costs. The excitement is building :)
  9. Yeah I was thinking the fan setup after reading that Vader's do it
  10. Thank you, same height as me! I'll be sure to check out RWA as well. If I may ask, what was your approximate costings for your suite?
  11. Thank you all for the kind words and guidance. Nice to know about the double duty with some minor changes. Looking forward to the journey. One question for you all, how hot does it get in a trooper costume, I expect it to get hot but hopefully not oven like haha
  12. Greetings from Australia, I have been lurking for a week or so now and thought I would register and say hello! New to the whole 501st world, already introduced myself to my local garrison on their forums. Love watching troop videos on the web, looks like a lot of fun. Already reached out to Armor Masters for an ESB Stormtrooper setup rough costing as they are seemingly one of the best for the taller aspiring trooper. Looking forward to one day getting out there. Regards Steve
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