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  1. Some names and words up there I haven't stumbled upon before...I have have to look into them. For my build, yes, I think you might be right. And I might just get an OT helmet for display and not mess with it Thanks for the info...I have some more research to do!
  2. Thanks. A lot of great info there I'm familiar with photohosting, but a lot of forums I frequent don't allow it, because it's terrible for archiving when the member deletes their hosting account. If it's allowed here I'll have to use it again. Some very different interpretations there...I already downloaded the 3D print files, as I have a resin printer, and have been prepping them to print to play around with until I get around to finding a helmet What is a "reveal"? Just showing off the inside of the helmets?
  3. Next question...can somebody ID the source of the blueprint overlapped posted below? I'd post it separately, but it seems I can't post more than 512k in photos TOTAL (new guy limitations, maybe?). Notice that the earpieces vary from the setup commonly accepted above. And honestly, it kind of makes more sense that the ear pieces would run to the side modules instead of the voice and ventilation pieces. Just trying to determine which would be more canonically correct
  4. Salutations! New guy here...I was a huge Star Wars collector as a kid...then adulthood got in the way. Recently dug out all my old swag and got to thinking I'd like to really get a few really nice props. Then I got to thinking, why not build some really nice props? I thought I'd make as accurate a replica of an idealized helmet as I could...bonus points for functionality. Finally, I got to thinking, who knows more about Stormtroopers than the 501st? So a few questions if I might. Please approach these with an in-universe thought process. First...the "vents".
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