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  1. Oh man I didn't even think about trying to fill the back of the thighs with an ammo belt on.... Thanks for saving me that nightmare!
  2. Update. The thighs are still giving me problems. I need to fix the strapping because I am both built a little weird and I can't get them to stay where they need to be. (Also I have to fill the backs :-P ) The forearms are not connected to the bicep which I'm hoping will fix the slumping. Is the thigh amo box in the right place? I had the sniper knee thing connected but it was sketchy and fell off. Any suggestions on how to get a firm glue on? I'm going to shim the shins so they also stop slumping. So how am I doing? https://imgur.com/gallery/ys1vzUR Thank you again!
  3. I just want to say thank you to everyone! I shortened straps and cut around the thighs... It already looks (and feels) better! Pictures soon.
  4. My partner is amazing and for my 40th Birthday (COVID cancelled) I was gifted the best gift of all... A suit of stormtrooper armor. So now what? It was purchased from a coworker and was mostly cut out but I can't get it to fit correctly. It feels and looks big. I'm sooo scared to mess it up because I have waited decades to have my own suit... please help. I have looked at Youtube vids. Joined FB groups (Thanks to all in A little Short for a Trooper) But I don't know what I am Missing..... Thanks for any help offered or better search terms for the forums Stats 5' 10" 200lbs In the pic I know the thighs need to be higher but how do I fix the diaper butt? Shoulder webbing is tooooo long but they do fit I just need to shorten them. Right thigh Ammo belt (split rivets are best?) Left knee pad (split rivets or glue?) The shins and forearms actually fit well I just didn't have them on in the pic. Oh and I didn't know the biceps were connected to the forearm so I also need to add those pieces.
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