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  1. https://imgur.com/a/vJBWAq6
  2. So in about 2002-2003 I got my Stormtrooper armor kit and built it up. I did’t join the 501st at the time but figure it’s about time I did. As I’m looking at the requirements now I see several things that are asked for which my armor doesn’t follow. A couple of easy fixes. The ribs on my helmet and the buttons on the abdomen are all black. Now I see blue is needed in these locations. Is there a trooper that has spare parts of these or some for sale? The other upgrade which I’m hoping I don’t have to do is the thermal detonator shows that clips are to be used. Mine is attached to the belt itself. Do I need to buy a whole new belt and thermal detonator to follow that guideline? Thanks for any insight!
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