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  1. Thank you both for the answers, I’m going to get the measurements down and tackle that TD this week. I think the armor was purchased about a decade ago, but I am not certain. Maybe it was simply a cheaper option available at the time. Regarding my options for those 2 holes, I think I’m going to go the route of ABS paste for now! I’ll keep posting on here for progress.
  2. Thank you for all your help here and over PM! Here is the TD rivets. Let me know what you think to cover them since it’s in the middle.
  3. Thank you for this info. I think I’m gonna go with the husky style box. I feel it may be useful for others to know what happens, so I will post an update on here once I’ve made my way up to Boston to let everybody know.
  4. Hi Troopers! I just got my armor and I need to fly domestic to Boston. I was planning on getting one of those Home Depot hard boxes (Husky kind), put a lock on and fly with it like that. Those of you who have flown with their armor, is this a good approach or should I look into something else? Thank you for the help!
  5. Thank you all for the feedback. I have ordered some new acceptable boots from imperial boots, a holster and canvas to replace the ABS belt I currently have with SDS. I will post pictures of the updates here as I receive the materials!
  6. Hi all, I am very excited to start this project of building a TK ANH Stunt. I inherited this Shepperton Design Studios battle spec armor and helmet and after making my way through the CRL, there are a lot of modifications to make. I took pictures included below, but I had to put on the armor and take the photos myself, which proved to be tough. I couldn’t get the thermal detonator on by myself. I would like to go for Expert Infantry right off the bat, but this is pending on not having to replace big pieces like the helmet. So here is where I believe I need to make changes, let me know what you folks think of this list, and if I’m missing something: Helmet: - Looks to me to meet all basic CRL requirements, I would like to think it may be EIB or close, but I need your expert opinions on this. Neck seal: - Got that. Shoulder straps: - They are attached with Velcro, which looks to meet both basic and EIB. Shoulders: - Looks good to me for both basic and EIB Biceps, forearms armor: - They all have the overlap construction and no cover strip. Just to be clear, I need to replace that with a cover strip for basic or EIB approval? Gloves and hand plates: - Got those, attached to the rubber black gloves with Velcro. Chest armor: - It is currently connected with black elastic straps to the side, does that need to be replaced with white straps for EIB? Back plate, kidney armor and under suit: - Got those. Abdomen plate: - The buttons seem to be on the lower end of the diameter measurement, not sure how much of an issue this is. - There is a clear gap between it and the kidney armor closer to an inch, do you recommend shims for this as the CRL mentions? - I don’t have rivet in there yet for EIB. Posterior armor: - I do not have the 2 rivets for EIB in there yet. Belt: - This needs to be replaced with canvas belt. - Is the ABS front ammo belt good to stay? - I need to get the buttons for EIB, they are not present right now. Thermal detonator: - I do not have metal clips, for now just one big ABS. I will need to get that replaced. - Also need the screws for EIB. Thigh armor: - Has the overlap construction, same issue and question for you as forearms and biceps. - The thigh ammo belt is on with 2 white screws on each side for now as it is a separate piece. Can I fix it for EIB without having to replace the whole thigh? Lower leg armor: - Also has the overlap construction… - The sniper plate is also attached with 2 screws same as above, not sure how to tackle this problem for EIB, has anyone dealt with a similar issue? Boots: - They work but they are huge! They go up to mid calve (see picture below). Is this acceptable? Holster: - I don’t have one, I need to buy that. Lastly, any tips on how to make the suit more comfortable? I feel like I can barely move, sitting is out of the picture for now too. Sorry for the long post, please let me know your thoughts on this, I am looking forward to joining the ranks!! Thank you for your help.
  7. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and advice. I will get that build thread started ASAP!
  8. Hi Everyone! My name is Thomas, I’ve been looking to get into the 501st ever since I met some of you at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago in 2019. I’m originally from France but I moved to Boston for college about 6 years ago. I’ve loved the Star Wars universe ever since I was little. Recently, I inherited an ABS ANH battle spec armor from Shepperton Design Studios, I believe the armor in question in from around 2010. I will definitely make a WIP thread, I have a lot of questions... What do you think is the best approach, should I post pictures as is without any improvements to get feedback on the critical areas first or try to make my way through the CRL? I know I will need to get a new canvas belt since mine in ABS. I also do not have a holster. All in all, I’m very excited to join this community and connect with all of you. Thanks!
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