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  1. I am thinking the one I want to try is the Heavy Weapons Stormtrooper, is there any rules what new first timers can do? Also I am in college and budgeting is a way of life, I know there is now exact number for a costume but what is about the ball park of suck a costume?
  2. Hi! I am new here and I want to get involved and I just wanted to put my interests out there. I am a sophomore at Penn State University and I am from Maryland but my family is split up and also lives in Virginia. I love doing charity and have been active all during high school and completed 250 hours with Jrotc, I am bilingual, enjoy MMA, and yes I like to need out. I would like to meet new people and find mentors to help me build a great costume so I can participate as a member or which ever comes first! I am all ears
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