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  1. Hello guys, I can’t navigate through to understand the difference between hero and stunt armor?
  2. Hey thank you! I was really leaning on ATA as well, they got back to me within a day. As well as I did join the LA Squad on FB and those guys are so nice made me feel right at home in their barracks. Today I’m going to talk to them about the companies they went through for armor and what their process was. Good luck on your build and I’ll be checking in to see your progress!
  3. I’ve located my local garrison, the Southern California Garrison, Los Angeles Squad, I tried applying to find I needed armor.. which I don’t have, do I need to have armor first in order to apply for the garrison? I emailed two of the emails I found relating to the garrison, but maybe I’m too eager to wait. I hope I’m applying to the correct address
  4. So my first steps should be to sign up to my local garrison, I wasn’t sure, last thing I want to do is sign up and they’re like cadet where’s your armor? Haha, I’d like to point out that the level of respect and help is outstanding! Thank you for the help!
  5. Thank you for the replies!! I was looking on the forums to find a good sight to begin my search, it seems that as I scroll through the approved lists, I can’t pull up a website or the proper url and fall into the lines of scammers. I’ve seen that there are two members off the FISD list that build kits for others, and I emailed one a minute or two ago, but Walt has no contact info to inquire. Ideally, I’d like to get as close to realistic as possible and I’d like for it to be durable for years to come and I’d only like 1 TK to build and make it better and better. Still navigating through the forums to find approved sights, but I’m still worried of the scams out there.
  6. I’ve wanted to dedicate my life to the 501st since I could remember. I have a few questions and don’t really know how to navigate through the barracks to find my footing. I read up on how to choose armors and I’ve found that there is no best armor, I just want to be camera ready with the squad and join rank ASAP! Is there one armor that is preferred over others? And if I were to buy armor and they give a call to the 501st to be extras, Do they upgrade your preexisting armor to be up-to-date? I’m a dream I know, I’ve got to grind to gain rank, but I’m just excited to be apart of this community. Don’t bash me too hard, I can’t take it, I just wanted more insight before I make a purchase and needed my fellow brethren’s input. I have seen the forum on good places to look, I just wondered where everyone’s head was on a consensus of an overall place to buy armor.
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