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  1. Thanks for the advice! I’m definitely getting some other boots
  2. Thanks Glen!! I’ll go for more accurate ones then, I was just checking because these ones were really cheap, but I prefer to spend a little more and get some good boots!
  3. Hello there!! This is my first post ever (I’ve been scrolling on this site for ever though) Anyways, traight to the point. Do you think these boots make the cut? How far do you think they can get? EIB? Any chance for Centurion eventually? Cons: They are a little “chubbier” than normal, (more than Imperial boots for example) The elastic bit is not straight, but falls at a slight angle. Not that tall (?) only one elastic loop (at the back), it is easy to attach one more at the front. Pros: No seam dividing the boot in half Every seam is right where
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