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  1. Had some help putting some finishing touches on my bucket last night! Started on my calves today, they somehow dont need to be shortened, which tells me that the thighs are gonna have to be cut down a lot, im only 5'5" haha still looking for thoughts on the s trim posted yesterday
  2. That makes sense. I still cant get the lense to actually stay there in shape. Was I supposed to cut the lenses out of the strip, or does the whole strip go in there? I feel like I've seen both, and putting the strip in there seems to work better to fit them to the curve.
  3. Ended up being able to salvage the ear that i sunk the screw though, patched the hole with some abs paste, then redrilled the screwhole. Fitting the S-Trim now, noticed that the rim doesnt properly go all the way around, its behind this ear, so there is either gonna be a gap between the trim and the helmet, or that ear is gonna have to be where i start and end the trim. Any thoughts on which i should go with? Im leaning towards the second pic, starting and ending the trim there. Also still looking for help on the lenses, would really appreciate that so i can be done with the helmet haha Thanks!
  4. Any tips on installing the lenses? I cut the lense out from the strip of material I have, and cant seem to get the lense to sit flush with the eye holes. I'm using Sugru to mount them. I looked at the sugru tutorial thread, and it makes it seem way simpler than it is going for me. I can get the lense flush with the eye holes if I apply enough pressure, but the sugru doesnt seem to be enough to hold them in that shape. Do I need to get a heat gun to shape them?
  5. Yeah, they stick out towards the head by over an inch haha, it's really scary putting the helmet on and having these screws centimeters from your eyes as you twist the helmet
  6. Alright, so dremeling the screws to cut them down turned out to be a bad idea. The screw got really hot, and ended up melting a bit of the plastic on the ear at the screw hole, sinking the screw into the ear, making the hole too big. Luckily, I have an extra ear for that side since I had to reorder to when I messed up cutting the other ear, so not too much damage done. So, now, I definitely wanna cut the screws down before installing them in the ear, how should I go about cutting them?
  7. Just about done with the exterior of my helmet! Really happy with how it turned out, this is my first time painting anything other than a wall haha As Im moving on to coating the inside with the cheesecloth and plastidip, i realized i still need to cut down the screws that are holding the ears on. My tin snips wont cut through them, and dremeling them down is taking forever. Any tips on cutting those down?
  8. Awesome, thank you. I'd love to be able to wait for yours, but I'm trying to get this done before this summer. I appreciate the help, I'll definitely look for you again if I ever make another set!
  9. Looking for something like this. I looked into this one a bit, I dont believe the guy is selling them at the moment though https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48337-mvs-anh-tk-stunt-ata-1st-build-thread-for-centurion/?do=findComment&comment=682216
  10. Unless I'm missing something, I'm only seeing stuff for gaskets for FOTK and the harnesses those go on. I'm looking for like the elastics and the snaps and all that.
  11. As I'm finishing up painting the helmet, I'm starting to look at setting up the strapping for the armor. Does anyone know of anybody that sells strapping kits or anything like that?
  12. Yup, already planning on touching that up, waiting on the current layer to dry, thanks!
  13. Oh wow, ok, I'll fix that then, thanks!
  14. Ive decided to just accept the wonky ear for what it is and move on. i know helmets can be weird, so this is just gonna be how mine looks haha. started paiting this weekend, pretty tedious, but happy with how its coming along. let me know if theres anything not right with what ive done so far!
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