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  1. I figured as stereolithography printing is much cleaner than standard pla ground-up printing. None of the print lines and typically it's a little bit stronger. With standard pla prints if you do not have your bed leveled correctly then the layers can separate sometimes especially if your bed is warped. so I figured stereolithography would be a very safe bet for something that will be carried around while trooping
  2. Little update... While waiting for my armor to arrive I have started the process of gathering everything not arriving in the box. I started down the rabbit hole of getting a blaster. I toyed with the idea of 3D printing my own out of PLA filament. However, with my printer and the wonky nature of some of the shapes that was a LOT of hassle. I'm sure that I could have done it, but there would have been massive headaches to overcome. So, this made me look into shopping around for a kit or pre-made blaster. Again, I got in touch with RS Prop Masters. Turns out, RS prop masters will not sell me a blaster unless I purchase armor through them. As we have covered previously, they will not sell me armor because I'm too tall and too big. I found this practice odd, but, if they do not want to take my money that's cool. I finally found a thread on the forum for Imperial Factory. I could not ask for a better experience! So, blaster kit ordered and assembly will follow. I will make either a video of me assembling it or take a plethora of photos to document the build. Since I am missing streaming I am thinking it will be video time. Thanks for all the support!
  3. Speaking of the Carolina Garrison, I have registered under the name volchier what do I need to do in order to fully join?
  4. I have decided to go with Dave's Darkside Depot armor and placed my deposit on getting a fully assembled kit. I decided to have Dave assemble it because I want my first armor to be assembled the right way. My next armor, I'm sure I will attempt to build myself! Thanks for all the support!
  5. I am just getting started as well. Currently searching for the right kit for me. I am also here in S.C. in the Greenville area. But used to live in Charleston, mt pleasant, and West Ashley. Most of all, welcome
  6. I still have my license for solidworks 2014. I have been tossing the notion around of trying to build some parts in solidworks and printing. However, RT mod and AM are looking like the better routes to go. I did see another trooper my size here. Not sure if he is still building or not. But that gives me hope that even a tall example of pure male perfection like myself (joke) can join in on the fun!
  7. So, first off, nice to have found this place and all you awesome people! I have decided to embrace my inner geek. My inner geek has been telling at me for some time to get some armor and begin trooping. Well, now that is the plan! So, first step is to get a kit. I was going to get a pre made armor from RS props but once they found out that I am 6'4" 240 they told me that their stuff wouldn't look right on me. So, now I will be scouring the forums for a kit so I can modify it to fit my rather large frame. I thought that introducing myself was a good start. That way I am not as much of a stranger when I introduce myself to the Carolina Garrison. Well met troopers! Hail the emperor!
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