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  1. Hello, Im Matthew, part artist, part philosopher and I've never been interested in sitting still. I've wanted a light sabre for years. Yet, I never gave in to purchase a sabre. An image came to mind, a skeleton of aluminum and copper, wires and tubes, and with that thought, I decided to build it. Im well past 60 hours on the sabre with maybe just 20 more to go and I've found my next project. I've always wanted a stormtrooper helmet, and I will build that aswell. I was looking on the 501st website, searching for the regulations of the Rogue One Stormtrooper helmet. It's a symmetry thing. Reading the red font as if im going to build it, I want it to be epic, so it needs to be as right as possible. I have a lot of questions and felt this was the right place to start. All the best and thank you in advance for all this information. Matthew
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