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  1. I hope this is the correct place to put this (if not I am sure someone will let me know). I am starting an incinerator build based off the varient from The Mandalorion S1E8. Since there is no CRL for this I am hoping one can or will soon be developed. In the meantime I am determined to go ahead with this (even if 501st approval takes a long time/forever). First thoughts: I think a large part of the CRL can be derived from the Rouge One CRL. Armor will be base Rogue One style with Mando red paint variation. no MP40 ammo pouch add red shoulder pad (rank insignia) add The weapon (flame thrower and tanks) What I have so far: A rogue one armor kit from the 805 Armory. The Black series incinerator helmet (I will have to mod this and add better electronics) I have also been working on the flamethrower and have a 3D model that I have completed a first draft on for the rifle part. (not started on the tanks yet. I'll be posting updates and dimensional information here as I progress and hope to get some feedback as it moves along. M
  2. Hi all. Matthew from Florida (USA) here. Been a fan of Star Wars since first release; I was 19 and watched it 20 times in theater in 1977 (yea long time nerd). My son and I are starting a mandalorian incinerator build, which is how we discovered this organization. It looks like there is no CRL for this variant and I a quick search doesn’t show any in the works. Questions: If there is nothing in the works which forum should I start my build project in? Incinerator Trooper Forum Rogue One forum (since mando incinerator armor is clearly Rogue One) Thanks!!
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