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  1. Wow thanks for all the great replies! Still very new to the whole TK building. Ever since I was little I wanted a trooper suit. Always was eyeing the Rubio's supreme as the "holy Grail". Boy was I wrong. After reading and looking around here I'm pretty sure an AP kit is the way to go for me. I've never done any cosplay building so it will be a venture for sure. The real trick is talking my wife into the process. Any advice? Lol
  2. Yeah I should have searched on here 1st. Googled "tkuk stormtrooper" after the fact and found a post from 2 years back. Was hoping for a cheaper option to get my buddy started with me but to good to be true wins again
  3. I've been browsing around for a few days and this site looks like it has buy 1 get 1free so about $450 delivered per set. Does anybody have any experience with them? Thanks http://tkarmour.com/
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