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  1. Still have to work on the ears a bit and maybe touching up the vocoder, but I’m happy with how it’s going. Setting it aside to work on other things.
  2. Yeah that’s what I was thinking, too. Just being super cautious about it.
  3. Been awhile and I’ve been busy. Wanted some feedback on my helmet so far. Do I need to do the teeth more? Eyes? How are the ears looking? Thanks!
  4. Everything's been properly labeled as L or R, and I've rough trimmed one and a half shins (pics tomorrow, getting tired). The second shin has been going much more smoothly and quickly than the first one as I gain confidence. Going to have a fun and busy weekend trimming and gluing. Having read all the build posts, studied all the photos, and watched videos numerous times has really helped me be positive and jump right in.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Will definitely start in less conspicuous places until I get into a groove/comfort level. I was thinking about doing score and snap, and my first test on one guard confirms this to be the way to go. Thanks for reaffirming that!
  6. So BBB Day has finally arrived, and I'm beyond ecstatic! I'm not even scared about my first cut...yet lol. Before I make any cuts, I'm going to mark L and R pieces with my painters tape, as they were packed in the box in a definite order and I laid them out on the floor following that. And I'll practice on the hand guards first (as I bought silicon guards from Trooperbay). The beauty part is that an extra set of ears was included so I don't feel quite as daunted about messing one of those up (which in all my reading appears to be one of the most difficult parts to do). The only things left outstanding to get are a belt (which I might just make myself), holster, and an E-11 (since I'm going for Centurion). I have plenty to keep me busy for now. Looking forward to sharing my progress as it goes!
  7. Thanks everyone! The kind welcome and friend advice definitely makes me feel right at home here. Also nice to get some love from fellow Canadians (I was born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, ON just happen to live in Oregon now). Got word that my kit will be shipping today, so that build thread will be started soon. It's like I've seen others say, it's like waiting for Christmas!
  8. Welcome, fellow new member! 3D printed armor sounds like a fun project.
  9. Super long time lurker, but I finally took the plunge and ordered an MTK set. Can't wait for BBB Day and getting started! Been in love with Stormtroopers since 1977. I've read so much and watched so many videos I feel like I'm ready and can't wait! Will be shooting for Centurion.
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