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  1. Dave’s Darkside Depot is the vetted AM seller.
  2. I also went with Dave Conklin with Dave’s Darkside Depot for my AM armor kit and a heavy weapon trooper backpack. The kit arrived last week and looks amazing and pack is a few weeks out. The former CO of my local garrison saw the kit was very impressed with the thickness and quality. On top of this armor is pre-trimmed and ready for assembly and fitting. I wouldn’t hesitate in going through Dave. He has been very helpful and patient with all of my new guy questions that he must have heard a thousand times over. I highly recommend him. Eric Dyck on you tube reviews an AM helmet and compares it to other makes. It is worth tracking down.
  3. The Odoban absorbers arrived last night. For anyone looking for them they are about the size of a can of chewing tobacco/small hockey puck. They are called "Odoban Solid Odor Absorber". One full day of the absorber being under the helmet on the shelf and I swear there is already a huge difference. I think these are going to do the trick.
  4. Thanks I'll give that a try. I didn't know that they made a product like that. I've use thier spray products and been very impressed.
  5. First post! I picked up a used Anovos helmet and it reeks of cigarette smoke. I've had a box of arm and hammer sitting under it for a week with no change in the odor so far. Does anyone have any ideas that might help get the smell out of the plastic?
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