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  1. yeah, the KB kit comes with TLJ fingers. I've also now picked up a blaster kit which should be here in a couple weeks. Got some basic supplies I was missing over the weekend (tin snips, drill attachment for sanding) now just waiting for Big Box day
  2. Hi everyone, I'm excited to be starting a Phasma build, hopefully my first 501st costume! I have a good deal of costuming/prop making experience in the past but I took a break from the hobby for several years (moving, new job). I restarted a couple months ago after some more life changes, and after making an episode IX Rey costume I went to Dragon Con last week. What a blast. It brought back my long time desire to cross over to the Dark Side, get out of my comfort zone, learn some new costuming skills and be as cool as my old 501st friends. Ironically I had also contemplated a Brienne of Tarth cosplay, so I guess I'm destined to dress up as Gwendoline Christie. Mostly I've done sewing, leatherworking and worbla/craft foam type projects so this will be a big deal for me! My plan thus far: TLJ Phasma! Kit - KB Props (ordered yesterday, and amazingly they were already making a phasma this week and said they could add it on and have it to me in a about a week lol...unreal) Cape- bought from someone else on Fb group Belt/pouches - ?? black bodysuit - already have black ankle boots - already have (convenient!) black gloves - ?? gaskets - looking into GeekyPink baklava, neck seal - not sure yet helmet - talking to Daniel Dirsten, also may buy used from someone else, not 100% sure yet I know I can work right away on sanding and prepping my kit. I've never had to wetsand anything before but it looks fairly straightforward. Main questions at this point: - Chroming - from past experience with plastic cosplay armor, I really really hate repainting over and over and over from wear. I used to do a Saber cosplay (Fate/Stay Night) and went through so much chrome paint over the course of two years that it makes me want to look into professional chroming (i.e. by Muellercorp or someone local here in Iowa). How much more durable is it really going to be if I do that? Are you still having to ask them to re-chrome it after just a few wears? Or is it....permanent? - Strapping all this sh** together - this still confuses me. Some people are gluing pieces to shoes/gloves, other pieces snap on to some kind of base... I'm guessing this is something my local 501st group could help with since any stormtrooper costume is that regard. I dont know why this part concerns me so much haha. Pics to come once the big brown box arrives!!!!
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