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  1. Perfect. I will take a look at the helmet from Big Bad Toys. Have you modified your helmet with fans and audio? Any recommendations for doing so.
  2. Excellent thanks. I promise I am trying to read through the information, but as I said before, it is a lot to digest when you are just getting started. You mention the light plastic TFA helmet. Is there a thread that talks about the pros/cons of plastic versus other types. I have seen some older threads talk about fiberglass, etc. Want to make sure I am getting good quality gear that is fairly durable, but lightweight. I also don't want to buy something that won't qualify or be approved. My goal is to be approved at a level 3 certification.
  3. Thanks for the information Glen and Tony. I believe I am leaning towards the TFA armor. I did some more reading yesterday and can't say I am any more confident with where to start looking. I was able to see the armor that Jimmiroquai offers, but don't see any activity on that site (RPF) in over a year. Not sure if he is still offering armor or currently shipping. I did try to send him a PM through this site, but haven't heard back yet. Are there other places you would recommend me look at armor or is Jim the best and I just need to be patient? Also, is there a one stop shop where I get all the gear. It doesn't sound like that is the case based on the threads I have read. If not, do you have suggestion regarding other items (boots, helmet, gaskets, etc)? Again, I really appreciate the help. I am excited and would like to get started. I am sure I am like most newbies that want to jump in. BTW...I also looked at Anovos, but it doesn't appear anything is available right now.
  4. I am hoping to become a member of the 501st as a FOTK. I have spent the last several days reading many of the threads in these forums and trying to gain a better understanding of where I should be looking for armor, etc. This site is great, but it is a lot to digest when you are getting started. I want to avoid as many mistakes as possible and get great quality gear. For those that have been where I am, but are now qualified FOTK, can you give me some guidance on where I should be looking for my gear, etc? I would like to find a setup that requires as little work as possible but would qualify very high in the 501st. Knowing what many of you know today, where would you go to buy your gear if you were in my position? Thanks in advance for the info. Can't wait to get started.
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