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  1. I have fairly big shoulders, so I will try to heat them to get a better fit. As for the gap on the sides, need to lose a bit of weight and it should close up better.
  2. First complete costume pictures. A few tweaks to come yet for comfort and closures could be a bit better in the sides.
  3. Thanks Tony. Your 2016 Anovos build thread was a real help (my go to manual), and I just tried out the mic system I bought from you today and love it. Looking forward to my approval soon.
  4. Update, used Lepage 2 part super glue for the handguard sand it seems to have worked great.
  5. Part 2 of my work completed during summer holidays. Shoulder bell strapping done. Popper seen was replace today as it was useless that low for connecting to bicep Sniper knee, just need to paint rivet Strapping glued, and loop was measured and sewed for attaching to my waist belt Back view. I am 6' 0" tall, so will probably have a decent gap between the kidney and back Front Big gap for now. Carrying a bit extra weight as I always do during the summer holidays. I made multiple size straps to fit as I get back to normal weight, so should be able to get it to a zero gap in a couple months. Other side and cod. I made an error putting the snaps too close together, and had to use 12mm dark snaps instead of 15mm silver. Easily remedied as I just made up some ABS paste. I'll fill the hole and make it right with silver 15mm snaps. Belt came together nicely. The new ANOVOS belt kit is really easy to build. Hopefully the canvas is better than the old ones and holds up. If not, I'll reinforce it by inserting some plastic between the canvas. Trimmed the teeth. No before pic, but the openings were tiny between the teeth and oval. Just have to paint the frown now. Up next will be fitting and adjustments. Waiting on calf velcro glue to finish setting properly. I hope using the Anovos supplied stuff works. I added E6000, so hope it holds. If not, I'll buy some industrial stuff locally and redo it. My only snag this week was gluing the hand guards I ordered from Trooper Bay to the gloves. Tried E6000 with a 24hour cure, and they didn't hold. I'll have to read some posts and find out what type of glue would be better to use.
  6. Bought this kit last year, got the trimming and a bit of gluing done last fall, but finally got some time this summer to work on it. Most of the trimming, gluing etc. went pretty well. I initially wanted to use the bracket system, but unfortunately missed the key part about not trimming the torso with a wider return edge than the cut lines on the Anovos armour. Instead, I decided to use the snaps instead. Here are a few progress pics from the last couple of weeks. Arms. Just need some trimming for proper fit. Using poppers for the back. Shins rear cover strips Front section awaiting straps Sniper knee done and lines up pretty well
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