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  1. My name is Lindsay and I'm a member of Bluegrass Garrison, Corellian Base and pending Blue Moon Clan in Kentucky. This past weekend I got to spend a little time with my squad brother learning how to properly cut, trim and sand TK parts, got a pretty decent start on my bucket and will be ordering some tools to continue work at home. I'm working on scheduling a little armor party with my friend and squad sister who is an Approved Legacy TK, Jennifer Land, to get a jump on the body armor work.
  2. Hello all! I'm doing my research and will be starting a Legacy Fem TK soon, I am aware of the only approvable vendor is Imperial Surplus and am working on getting info on all the additional parts and supplies I will need to go with it. I'm a very lucky lady with TKs in 2 garrisons and 2 states ready and willing to get the armor parties going to get me built, I just gotta wait for my funds to come in so I can order! But for now, until I get it built, I'm Doctor Aphra with Bluegrass Garrison, Blue Sun Squad as well as Hero Rey and Admiral Holdo with Corellian Base Rebel Legion.
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