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  1. Officially have started my road to 501st approval by doing as much research as I can and deciding to begin my journey by creating a full "ANH Hero Costume". I was originally going to start with building a TFA Stormtrooper but decided to start with the original stormtrooper. Since I'm located in Melbourne, Australia I have started the build with The Black Series Stormtrooper helmet from Zing. (See Picture below). Next on my shopping list will be the Original Stormtrooper Battle Spec MK3 Armour from Shepperton Design Studios. Interested what people have had to do to their Black series helmet for approval and what people think of the original Stormtrooper Arma. Please note I know next to nothing about making molds and things from scratch but happy to pay the premium.
  2. Hello, I have been a big fan of the 501st for some time and thought I would finally dive in and begin the process of building my own costume to use for events. Located in Point Cook, Melbourne Australia I am looking to start the construction of my TFA First Order stormtrooper costume and any help of where to buy everything would be awesome. I don't know much about building things but I would love to support Australians who do so if you know anyone or any businesses then please send me in the right direction. Thanks, Scrivens
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