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  1. Thanks for your offer Ilan, I have contacted the dutch garrison for my clone kit that I was planning on buying but suddenly this kit got dropped in my hands, I still have to contact them about the storm trooper.
  2. Goede morgen Patrick :D, I can't wait to get started, I already bought a Dremel, and some froggy tape for when I will eventually paint the armour. I have not decided on a paint scheme, or unit yet but I will paint it.
  3. I don't have a camera stand for my phone, you should have seen me try and put the thing against my window, it was horrible to look at. I will try and take a picture with legs tomorrow.
  4. I will try and address these problems tomorrow, I will try and get a tighter fit on the belt, I might change every velcro bit out for snaps once I find my size. But before I do that I wil contact my local garrison for some help. The shoulder pads are a very long but I tried covering the velcro as much as I can. Looking back at it, I can always remove some velcro one I find the right fit.
  5. Hey guys, I am still horrible at putting on my armour. This is the best I can manage for now: I couldnt do the belt right and my thermal detonator is still hiding somewhere, But I have one. Some problems I am aware of: I am very tall so The abdomen area is a problem when I stretch. My head is massive so I need to custom design my own padding for the helmet. The stripes on the side of the head are too far down. My overall fit needs a lot of work. As you can see not everying fits right, right now.
  6. Good morning, midday or evening everyone, I'm Jelle from the Netherlands and I want to become a Stormtrooper. Someone I know gave me his kit, apparently he never was interested in it and it was just placed in a box until further notice, It's not the most liked maker... SDS but I want to make it work. I know I will need to change a lot of things, as far as I know I need to change the belt, buy some shoes and try to recreate everything from the reference library as close as possible. Its a ANH kit, it came with a neck seal so at least that's taken care of. I can post some pictures in the weekend when I will put the suit back on. It's quite hard on your own. I have already walked outside with it, someone bought something from me and I had to ship it so I walked to my local shipping company to ship it, I was too lazy to take the suit off. I had some kids high five me and a guy needed to take a picture of me. That was the best feeling ever, I am a hero to some of these kids. I really want to recreate that as much as I can. Some personal information, I love star wars and I mean LOVE star wars, I have a massive collection of figures and ships. I have all the movies on VHS and even have the original trilogy twice, I have some comics and a lot of books. I played all the video games, and watched the Clone Wars Animated and the 2006 Clone wars.
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