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  1. Decided to check the status of my order and I really hope that is just a typo and not someone accidentally leaking their real plans for delivery. Delivery estimate July 1 ,2019 - September 30, 2020
  2. After waiting this long I do feel it is a canned response but what does screaming in all caps on online chat help me? I do know some things I have ordered have been quickly delivered. I have seen things I did want to purchase from them but until this is cleared up I can't. I can't order another thing knowing they have thousands of dollars of goods I have yet to receive and I think its a shame as they may have made more sales from me. but going on 3 years leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, Yes I ordered multiple sets. Just some plain honesty and clarity would help their case but I have failed to see it. Afraid to block the "hey we got a new Boba Fett Blaster" in case I miss the your order is ready to ship email. And I can't believe customer service doesn't get updates from the back office as I work for a large company and every customer whether 50 Million in Sales or 15 thousand gets treated with the same respect and gets their concerns answered. These are not question's we are asking them they are concerns.
  3. I contacted support about the First Order Kits and received this response. Ryan: Thank you for reaching out and waiting! As per the last update, the FOTK kits will be finally shipping in waves starting in march and continue throughout the rest of the year. We here in customer service do not have access to nor are given any customer order lists though our fulfillment team will send them out in the order we got the orders in. Furthermore the teams will update you via email when they are headed to our warehouse and when they are shipping. I asked about the date March 19th. Ryan: The website was never updated since our last update a month ago sorry to say.
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