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  1. And I appreciate your voice and you speaking up. And if you and others get a live action version approved, I will sing your praises as I follow your footsteps. But I've had experiences before in which my body requires some parts be modified to fit or thousands of dollars be spent for specially made pieces (who has 2500 for boots that only get worn a couple times a year?). And I save my energy for that fight. It's already hard enough to get a costume together and have it look nice and be comfortable to wear only to have it be rejected because it's not exactly the version that was on screen.
  2. I mean, that's what I was hoping to do. But I understand rules are rules. And I know there will be enough fights over body size and the way things fit, so I'm not looking to pick any more. If he's animation only, then he's animation only. I'm sure there will be some epic builds of him, no matter how it plays out.
  3. I guess a follow-up question: Would it be required to make him "animated style", as he only currently appears in the animated series? Or, for the sake of continuity, would making him using movie-style armor with his coloring, since he seems to have the same armor plus a pauldron/color as the regular troopers?
  4. I am interested in building my first TK. And because I'm difficult, I'm interested in Commander Pyre. Not just FO, but animated FO. Not just animated FO, but a weird color scheme. I see in another post that someone is working on an animated helmet to make available for purchase. But what else would be required mods from a standard TK kit? And what are the thoughts on building something like Pyre in general? I've assembled some reference shots:
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