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  1. Greetings all, before I start my first armour build, I’d like some advice about the correct kit and equipment I’m going to need. I’ve got a rough idea, but I know there’s plenty of people who’ve done it and wished they’d known before they started what was needed, and id like to be prepared.
  2. Yeah, I contacted RS. They’re only selling ESB E-11s with full armour commissions, so that option’s out. I read the CRL about the Promo. I’m just after something that is passable, and good enough for the 501st. Finally, I’ve no access to a 3D printer. They’re not all that common where i live, but I’ll ask around. Thanks very much. Most helpful!
  3. Or this one, again from 3D-props.com, which as far as i can tell is pretty accurate, but as always, i trust the opinion of the old sweats in this outfit The CRL talks about a ridge, not a rail, so i looked around. Following advice i read elsewhere in this forum to not trust the CRL entirely, but use the films, i found some pictures which i hope make the 3D-props.com model viable, but an experienced eye will see more than i can. Opinions, please?
  4. Greetings all, Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas. Having quite a bit of time off work, I’ve had time to read up, and watch videos, mainly looking at the differences in armour in the original trilogy, and I’m leaning more towards ESB, being originally interested in ANH. To that end, is this a passable ESB blaster? Anything missing, that you can see, apart from paint?
  5. Great. I do like this forum. Another reason for foam rubber is in fact (oddly enough) the very lack of detail. We have very strict weapon laws where i live, and something that looks like a prop or fake (at least to the trained eye) could actually make my life easier. Also, i have read comparisons between resin and foam rubber, and don’t want anything too fragile. As long as it bears scrutiny from a few foot, then I’m good with it. Oh, then there’s the nipper. He’s already running around with a foam rubber DL-44 I bought, making blaster noises. Don’t see why he shouldn’t do the same with an E-11. I want to get him good and imprinted Thanks, guys. As always, properly useful information
  6. Greetings all, I know the theory of helmet sensors (or something like) has been put forward to explain how Stormtroopers tell each other apart, or know who NCOs are, but is there any rank insignia born on armour? Is it only Sandtroopers in ANH that have coloured pauldrons? I haven’t been able to see any on the Battle Station.
  7. Greetings all, opinions please. I’m guessing that the sight rail is too short. It’s from the Dutch firm 3D-props.com https://www.3d-props.com/ Tbh, I’m leaning more towards foam-rubber, given the reduced risk of breakage. Also, I’ve a five year old who is determined to be a Stormtrooper when he grows up, but I’d be interested to see what people think. The detailing is great, and even has a separate breech block, and main spring. Actually looks like an SMG (or Sterling for you non ex British Army folk) before all the greeblies are added.
  8. Great. I might just give the Doopy a go anyway. Even if i screw it up so it’s not passable, it should still be good enough for putting on a shelf to look at. I don’t have access to a 3D printer, so that’s not an option (many thanks anyway). Otherwise, good to know the RS is okay, and the tips are much appreciated!!
  9. Greetings all, Sorry if this question is “noob”, but a noob i am, and have probably asked before, but it’s easier to ask again Is there an off-the-shelf E-11 that’s approvable? I’ve watched a review of an SDS E-11, which seems to need a lot of work before it’d get approved, judging by some of the comments. There’s no review of an RS blaster, but there is one included in an unboxing, but I don’t think he said specifically that it was 501st quality. I also watched a Doopydoo’s E-11 build, which was really interesting, and informative, but given my lifestyle, i fear the kit would remain in its packaging, untouched (because of the need to build a sight rail), so i need something (if possible) that at worst requires a little attention, or at best is good to go right out of the box. Help?
  10. Greetings all, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I’ll ask here anyway: Can anyone point me in the right direction for children’s Stormtrooper armour, please? My son is totally uninterested in being a Jawa, and wants desperately to be a Stormtrooper, so i want to put something together that looks the part, but isn’t one of those horrible soft fancy dress costumes. DIY plans more than acceptable, if there are any around that you know of. Help?
  11. Hi folks! Having first decided to go with ROTJ, my son decided he wanted to be a Jawa, so for the sake of continuity, I’ve decided on a slight change of direction, and want to put together ANH stormie armour, which is more appealing anyway, for largely sentimental reasons. I’ve been told on another forum that there are differences from film to film (I’m talking original trilogy), but these differences weren’t explained, and while YouTube is rich with “Stormtrooper type” vids, none i can find go into any detail, apart from one, which briefly explains the differences in the helmets, and how they developed. Can someone please explain to me the differences? I presume it’s small details, but I’d like to know. Thanks. //adrian
  12. Greetings one and all, sorry if this is in the wrong place. In a bit of hurry. Mods can move it if need be can i get some tips on the right cloth for a Jawa costume for my son, please? Also, I’d be grateful for pointers about the eyes, and ammo pouches, etc. i have some WW2 vintage Swedish army ammo belts that look like they might be just the thing, but I am a total noob when it comes to...well, any and all equipment
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