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  1. Knew that’d get someone running in here, that’s a very well done outfit if I can say! Honestly. I feel as if the sand house is missing a few desecrated corpses of someone’s aunt and uncle though
  2. Are people that don’t know what a stormtrooper is even people? I'm glad to hear the site is inclusive, because I am very indecisive about what to do for my first kit and I quite like the atmosphere here. I might check out your deathtrooper thread I figured a sandtrooper would be welcomed here, after all, they are just dusty stormtroopers /s
  3. Odds are I’ll end up sticking around, after all, I’ve always wanted to be a stormtrooper! Just intrigued at all of the options available. But I doubt I could get into costuming and not do a standard stormtrooper, it seems sacrilegious not too. measuring a few times more than needed seems like a good idea, I’ve been looking around and getting ideas of how it will go. Loving how supportive the community seems to be to one another. My biggest fear is ruining the armor, mainly due to the price tag. But I’m glad to hear replacements aren’t too much of a hassle.
  4. That’s what I thought it would be, thank you. The main reason I posted here is that, knowing myself, I’ll end up swapping my plans 90 times before I end up with ANH standard or something. So the concept of a shiny white is always there, but thank you for the links. I’m excited to get my kit and get to work, excited to see how this community can pull together.
  5. Heya all, still a little new to the site here, hope this is in the right section. I’ve been looking around for somewhere I could purchase well constructed armor that fits in a decent price range since about late October of last year, and I think I have finally settled on WTF. Past financing at the moment, my biggest concern is the risk of ruining the armor during the build process, as I am far from the most handy person you would ever meet. In terms of the specific kits I have been looking at, the Nova Trooper armor holds a special place for me, so I was looking into that. I’m pretty sure it’s a limited run, so if I miss the mark I would go for the Sand Trooper or ANH Stormtrooper kit. But past all that, just curious if WTF is a good choice for my first builds, and if there’s any major pitfalls that I should avoid.
  6. Interestingly enough, my dad told me that someone at his work was associated, if not a member of, the 501st, he was chatting with his buddies about it. He was going to see about getting into contact with him for me, so hopefully that turns out well and I'll have some interaction with Northern Darkness. Thats actually impressive! And here I am worried about not having enough space to work in my bedroom. I'll have to keep that in mind. Thank you.
  7. Thank you all for the incredibly warm welcome to the site. I'm beyond excited to get to know people here and start taking my first steps to joining the legion.
  8. That’s been my plan, really excited to work on it. Already buying supplies.
  9. Thank you, I'll take a look about the site and see if anyone else has asked this. It's just the thought that I spend more time up in Chicago and other big Illinois cities than I do in any major cities in Indiana, simply by virtue of living not a twenty minute drive from the border of Illinois.
  10. I've knocked around the idea of getting into contact with the Midwest Garrison or the Northern Darkness Garrison, I just haven't had the time of late with all of the hustle these past couple weeks have been. I actually have question if you wouldn't mind. I wasn't sure though, on which one I should talk to. I live in Northern Indiana (Northern Darkness) but I live terribly close to Chicago, a border town on a border county and all of that, and most big events (conventions and the like) happen in Illinois near me. Say I get my armor, are there issues against applying to a garrison outside of where you live if its the more appropriate one? Thank you! I will be sure to. I'm glad for the warm reception I've gotten.
  11. Thank you! I'm happy to be here. Thanks for the links! I'll make sure to read up on what I can. Thank you, I'm hoping I manage it. Been something I have wanted to do from a young age, so hopefully I can pull it off.
  12. Heya all, I've been following the happenings of the 501st and general stormtrooper cosplay and costuming for around two years at this point, and it's something that I've been curious about since I saw my first trooper in full armor at a theme park when I was quite young. Not to mention the absolutely disgusting amount of Legends material I consumed at a young age. Past that, I'm turning eighteen in a day, off to college in a few months, and I finally decided to start looking into getting my own set of trooper armor, this, however, is something I'm going to have to save up for. I'd have to buy it wholesale due to my lack of space to work on the parts at the moment. Knowing this would be months down the line if I put back some money every few weeks from my paycheck, I didn't want to be utterly out of the loop. So, that's what made me wanna make this account, being able to interact and chat with people that have a similar interest. While I may not have armor (yet) I'm looking forward to meeting you all and getting off on the right foot. Hopefully, by the time I have my armor and (hopefully) make my application to the 501st, I'll have some friends already in the organization. Anyways, I'll quit blabbering on. I'm happy to be here. Hoping it's going to be a fun time. Hopefully the sleep deprivation isn't too obvious here.
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