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  1. Little update of the helmet
  2. For the picture i used a Deathtrooper undersuit, in RO stormtrooper style. So actually : - Armor [emoji3581] - Helmet, order to DA PROPS - Gloves [emoji3581] - Undersuit (OT) [emoji3581] - Neckseal [emoji777] - Boots [emoji3581] - Pauldron[emoji777] - Ammo pouch [emoji3581] OPTIONAL - E11 and holster [emoji3581] - BACKPACK [emoji777] - FLAMETHROWER[emoji777]
  3. Hello everyone ! I actually doing an incinerator, with a storm armor that take place on my room [emoji28] I'ts just a begining, a lot of work must be done, like the helmet (a FX that must be changed). I'll post all update
  4. Thanks for your messages ! No i've no mold it is a maker on my country but all piece aren't approvable and the abdomen for exemple is changed. Yes i would make this to be approvable to my 501st garrison but it isn't my priority project
  5. A long while ago i begin to make a stomtrooper armor, and try to make her most accurate ! So i prepare item to item
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