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  1. Happy days, I expected for it to be within that price range. I'm still researching and finding out what best suits my build.
  2. For a first time build and to make it easier on myself I've decided againts Vader, I've read his costume takes a long time to put together, and is probably the most expensive costume. I'm looking more into kylo ren, I think I could make some components myself and but the rest. Also looking into a death trooper. Hard question I know but on average what is the cost I should aim off for? I'm aware this isn't a cheap adventure at all but I'd like to know so I can start preparing the wife lol.
  3. I've joined the Sith lord detachment also to look into a Vader or Kylo. Getting as much research as possible.
  4. Thanks for the advice, I'll join up to the ukgarrisons forum which was my next step anyway. It's just a bit daunting and overwhelming at the beginning, I feel like a lost lamb. But now I know where to look I'll find my way. Cheers
  5. I've read in the past at certain trooping events they try to keep height in TKs similar as they are in film. It would look odd If I was a whole bucket above everyone else. Is this the case? I guess I want to use my height to my advantage as there's not many people I often meet taller than me.
  6. Hello everyone, So I'm completely new to all of this but have been wanting to get involved for a long time. I'm really looking into getting my first costume underway however I'm finding it hard to decide on what to pick. I'm 6foot 5 so very tall! I don't think many TK kits if any would fit because of my height. So I was thinking maybe I'm better suited at a character who was taller such as Vader, Kylo, death trooper etc. What would your advice be for a complete newbie ? Thanks Tom
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