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  1. LINK TO APPROVAL PHOTOS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1aHyfN7BLS6R4WUA00iqFg2n4O4an_6Wi?usp=sharing https://imgur.com/fkCWaSw https://imgur.com/a76JOR5 https://imgur.com/UqdSTHl https://imgur.com/y97Gh3U https://imgur.com/ODjrru7 https://imgur.com/wXoV051 https://imgur.com/AJvrrjv https://imgur.com/yV8ONDM https://imgur.com/3W3bbZf https://imgur.com/CG4j3nr https://imgur.com/1Qew8xs https://imgur.com/XSEEpRH https://imgur.com/w0JEjck Requested Info Answers First Name/Last Name James DeMory Future Garrison Midwest Garrison Armor Maker Armor Masters Helmet Maker Armor Masters Cloth Belt Maker Steve Gaza Neck Seal Maker New Jedi Order UK Boot Maker Funtasma/Jedi Robe America Blaster Maker NA Gasket Maker NA Height 6'4" Weight 230 pounds TK Type Stunt TK - ANH Troopers Who Helped Kent McCarthy-Heath Steve Gaza Eric Dyck Mike Stoughton
  2. Hello all, I was was told that this is the best place to start. I am from Willow Springs, a suburb 20 minutes south of Chicago. I just received my first armor build and am looking to start building. I need to be ready for SWC in April. If anyone is around, please let me know. Would love to get to know fellow and local Troopers. Take care, James
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