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  1. So i thought i would start with the legs. This is a pre-owned costume so there are a few fitting issues which i need to overcome, the first of which is the left thigh. It has been glued but its too darn tight, this is as far as i can get it on my leg and its very tight at the top. I think if i trimmed away the lip around the top, it would just about fit. There is some overlap inside but its been very well glued and i have tried to prise it apart without success. The second issue is walking...I Can't.I have seen some troopers cut a section out of the back which is what i intend to do, and that would allow me to tidy up the bottom of the thigh and the top of the calf (ill-fitting now, due to my chunky calves) Would either of these adjustments be an issue when it comes to clearing?
  2. I appear to have opened a can of worms since taking the ears off. On closer inspection I have noticed thet the eyes are slightly off centre, so it’s going to take a bit longer than I anticipated! Is there anyone near weymouth with a decent workshop who fancies helping a newbie out?
  3. Thanks Dan that’s a massive help. I will start work on that soon and keep the post updated.
  4. Hi, so here is the helmet I have acquired (not built by me), I have provided lots of pictures. i think that the ears are not seated correctly, the painting needs removing and reapplying and obviously I need a new Hovi. Anything else I have missed? I also did close ups of the tear bumps (apparently These were on the original helmets?)
  5. Hi yes I’ve joined up last night, just waiting for admin approval.
  6. Good afternoon, I have acquired a suit from a friend who purchased it fro the Shed of Glittering Delights a while ago. It will need some adjustments to fit me as I am a bit larger than the previous owner. I also have a friend who makes props for the latest Star Wars films and he said my helmet was interesting as it has bumps in the tears (apparently this was on the original ANH helmets) i will be posting some pics as I try to get my suit ready for acceptance into the inner TK sanctum. I have added the initial test fit pics below. Thanks Jay
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