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  1. Hump


    I am trying. He wants me to get a stormtrooper outfit so I can escort him around the neighborhood. Lol right now I have a Kylo Ren I wear with his Vader, but he doesn’t like me having similar powers to him.
  2. Hump


    Wow! What a great bunch of people. Thank you for being so welcoming. Let the homework begin!!!
  3. Hi all. I’m interested in trooping and my son loves stormtroopers. We are a big fan of ANH troopers and I’ll be looking to get a set. I’m 6’1 190lbs with a little bit of a Dad-bod lol. I have a little DIY still, but not much...I know, not selling myself very well. Look forward to chatting and learning from y’all.
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