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  1. Just let everyone know. Mark from trooper bay has confirmed that the esb decals will fit the WTF helmet! These are the standard ones. I will order and confirm once I get them in hand. I hope this helps others out going down the same path
  2. I think this is what im going to have to do. Thanks for the tip
  3. Im guessing you got the reg decals and not the dave ones? Thanks for the help
  4. My concern is the traps fitting correctly. Ive seen some pictures of peoples traps not lining up right. Like the decal was to small for the trap hole
  5. Im currently building to hopefully be approved for centurion. Im building a WTF kit and need some help with decals and where to buy them. There are some on trooper bay but wtf is not listed to fit. I reached out to the armor maker and he suggested the "Dave M" decals from trooper bay would fit. However they are hand painted look alike. The crl reads "Traps/tears and tube stripes shall be decals (with the correct ESB details), no hand-painting or decals that replicate hand painted" So im thinking that will not work? I tried to call trooper bay but have not been able to reach them. Has anyone been able to reach centurion with a WTF kit, if so can you point me to what you bought the decals? Thanks all
  6. Also is I have read that WTS legs are two different lengths, I think I ave them lined up with the correct pair. Trimmed off the flashing I think I can removed the full return edge at the ankle?
  7. Ok I went and thinned down the wrist area
  8. It looks like alot of the top forearm is removed as well. Leaving maybe 5mm?
  9. This is my plan a bit later. Thanks for the tips! Ty for the pics they are a big help!
  10. I worked on the forearms again this morning clearing a lot more out of the returned. I also trimmed the edges do the mold lines are going. Currently these are huge on me so I will need to work on sizing them for my arm. I believe the cover strip for the forearm is 15mm? Walt def leaves a ton of room for anyone with a bigger arm, this is my first kit so I dont know if this a common thing. At my first glace I do think I will have to shorten them but ill post pic later on that. wrist return- These have not been sanded yet just cut. Should I clear more? one side I can see form the picture I pulled out the biceps to see how these should line up. I think I have them correctly?
  11. So started with thermal caps and I will need to clean them up a bit I them moved to the forearm, of course this is where my first question comes up. I know I need to clear out the return edge all the way down on the wrist area but on the other side. I have alot to go Ive read for depth that i should leave some. Is this something I should be worrying about now or should I clear it now? BTW meet Roscoe I'm sure he will be in a lot of pictures....He likes to help
  12. Hey all! BBB day has finally come! I've been super excited for this day to happen. I decided to do a build thread cause well.....I know I will need alot of help with the build. I also have my E-11 going as well and have taken a break to make my first cuts. I know if don't do it right away fear will set in even more. So here we go! I took everything out and laid it out trying to process the whole idea of this build. The only thing not in the picture is the bag of screws, the green lens for the eyes and the stack of abs given for the cover strips ( this is a huge stack). I'm happy he was able to send so much extra as i would like to do inside cover strips. I also will need to shim the kidney plate as I'm going to build to centurion (hopefully)
  13. OK as promised here is some of the pictures from the hollowing of the folding stock. I do have some more to go on the inside of the stock as I need to clear it to the end. Also the funky shaped area.....Last night after reading T-Jay's build thread again I realized I made the same mistake of hollowing to much. I will fill with "green stuff" later. I still have to clean this up a bit I'm waiting to the end to do any repairs on the resin, as I learned quickly yesterday you just may slip with that tool. LOL So my plan is to get everything carved out, then fix and a water bath before painting but I'm still far away from that
  14. Thank you for clarifying this for me. I had noticed in your build thread you used a stripped down marker that you inserted into the pvc pipe. Would a small pvc pipe work the same or should the top where it connects to the spring be closed? I must say I was really amazed by these. They will make anyone's build so much easier!
  15. So went down to my father in laws today and was able to use his shop. This was a bit help to be able to drill some holes in the folding stock and clear out the area for the bar on the under side using the drill press. I used the drill press to drill the holes working up to the larger drill bit. I was able to clear the last hole a bit more with the rotary tool. Also able to get the small hole near the Y area so that I can place my 3d square printed part and the aluminium bar to be placed through in the future. I wanted to get this hole drill before I cleared out the inside of area as i wasn't sure how well the resin would hold if I drill it after Lastly I was able to clear drill some holes into the area I need to hollow near the front of the folding stock. I was able to use a engraving bit on the rotary tool to clear the thinner area of this. I will post a pic of the final area tomorrow after I file it a bit more The earlier post I wrote very quickly and didn't get to add some details. This is my first time building anything like this and so far it has been great and scary at the same time. I have read a number of build post about the e-11 and armor builds. I will be pulling from those as I go, if I remember where i found info while I post I will make sure to link them. Most of the info is from the FISD E-11 blaster reference , of course the E-11 is more of a stripped down version. To my earlier question about drilling the holes, my question was to the pvc pipe itself. If drilled should i try to paint inside the pipe?
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