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  1. Paine1031

    Greetings from California!

    Welcome! Good luck with your build
  2. Paine1031

    Strap & velcro

    Thanks for the updates. I'll check out some on Amazon and home depot
  3. Paine1031

    Strap & velcro

  4. Paine1031

    Strap & velcro

    That is the list I'm following but it doesnt say the brands used. I was just wondering if some brands are better then others
  5. Paine1031

    Strap & velcro

    I'm about to buy both for my build. I was wondering if there is a certain brand that I should get. I want them to hold up for the long term and not have to replace them after a few troops. Thanks for the help
  6. Paine1031

    ESB holster

    Thank you!
  7. Hi all. I'm trying to find a pattern for an esb holster. I can only seem to find the anh holster. I don't know if I can use that pattern and just make everything black? Also make sure the stitches are on the correct side Thanks all
  8. Paine1031

    ANH Paint colour guide

  9. Paine1031

    ANH Paint colour guide

    Are these the same colors for ESB? I know the frown is black and decals are used on tubes. I'm collecting my supplies I want to make sure I get the right ones Thank you
  10. Paine1031

    First time builder - WTFs ESB

    Great job. I'm following your build as I'm waiting for my ESB from walt Good luck!
  11. Paine1031

    first order trooper

    Walt's trooper factory or WTF I think is starting to make that armor. They just came out with a few more types of armor. You can find them on the master armor list, search on fb for WTF's and join the group. Once a member you can ask there
  12. Paine1031

    Free flash contest! (OVER)

    I'm not a trooper yet. Great decal and good luck to everyone
  13. Paine1031

    Greetings from TX :)

    Welcome! Good luck on you're build. I also just bought a walt kit, counting the days till it comes. I know it will be awhile but gives time for more research
  14. Paine1031

    Hello for Northern Cali

    thanks all for the great welcome!
  15. Paine1031

    Hello for Northern Cali

    thank all for the welcome! Thank Msouza for those links. I have read them before but just started writing things down in the last few days. Focusing mostly on the check list to make sure I have everything before I start. I do plan on building for Centurion as I figured why not right? I will ask plenty of questions, I figured that is why I will do a build thread so people can help me out and when i'm done the newer folks can hopefully learn from me