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  1. I intend to, the first week is to try and help do some setup work... Volunteer. Hmm I think that is a word.. Yes there is always the balance between the desire, the time and the money.
  2. Yes my wife and I are in the SCA, I am leaving the end of this week to head down to PA for 3 weeks of fun.
  3. Thanks all I will start looking into AM and a couple of the others. If I need too I will head hunt pieces from different vendors. Cheers all And Thanks
  4. Greetings from sunny Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am Scott Cooper, my wife and I have been interested in doing this for a long time, and we have been putting it off. But there comes a time when you just have to start taking the plunge and start the research and then the build. My wife and I have various other hobbies and like everything it takes time. Why is time so precious.... simply because it is limited. Any how I have decided that I will start working towards the creation of a ANH "stunt" stormtrooper. This will be the first project if this is successful and depending on how long it takes, I will then attempt a snowtrooper from ESB. A little about myself, I am 42 and stand about 6ft 2" and weight in at about 280lbs. Therefore I will need some large armour. I believe this will put me at looking at RT and AM (if this is wrong or if someone is of the same stature as I please let me know what you have done..) As for previous experience in this, I have very little with ABS or HIPS, so I will definitely need some advice about playing with it. My experience with cloth and leather is quite substantial wrt the construction of other items, I believe that I can do this project but it will take dedication, something that I believe most of you have! Anyhow I look forward to any helpful hints and tips and definitely suggestions bellow are two of my previous build neither have been registered. the first is my daughter as a jawa and the second is my wife (jedi) and daughter (rey) Cheers Scott Cooper
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