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  1. Happy Holidays . I am starting a new build and am wanting to test the links to see if the pictures will post. So far so good. I will be doing videos (on youtube) and pictures of this build. I will be showing the Ebay MOT mimban / R1 armor(styrene ) (and the Jim Tripon kit ( flexible fiber glass ) side by side and do a comparison of the two. The sandy kit was my first styrene kit. If you have questions regarding any of the things I am covering please feel free to contact me. youtube link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuFPeRORMMiEmp6SqQ7UkAQ
  2. If you aseeking 501st approval the members here are correct . Some of these less expensive kits will require more work than say an Anovos kit or a WTF or ATA armor kit . Rule of thumb i have used higher the price less work required as quality is higher lower the price more work and time . For me it is a challenge to take one of these lesser kits and make a really great kit from it . Im wierd that way. Inwould avoid ANOVOS as their customer service is horrible. There have ave been several anovos kits on eBay though from people who have gotten in over their heads or that need to liquidate their kit collection. I will will post some pixs of the mimban build with some instructional vids for the build as well . Hapoy holidays
  3. My apologies i was redirected here from the post on mimban trooper Facebook post . He was referring to the mimnbam and referebddd the incorrect post here . I have his return of the Jedi kit as well . The buttons are molded into the ab piece . My son wanted an incinerator trooper so i got it because he has no interest in the 501st ues it it would not be able to be approved without a great deal of work . my apologies . MOT has a new mimban kit / Rogue one kit available and that was what i was under the assumption we were talking aboit as this was a direct link in the mimban Facebook post. I will retract my post and apologize as i was wrong .
  4. We’re talking about the Rogue one / mimban kit offered on eBay by MOT . Which i have the forst one of .
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