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  1. Some progress in eyes & starting to work on teeth. Some fellows form the Spanish Garrison pointed me that the eyes had clear markings showing where to cut if you see the form the inside. Therefore, following their advise I have been able to finish the eyes in a way I think it's correct. Feedback is welcome!! In addition I have started to work with the teeth. Only the preliminary cut with the exacto, just to have some space to work on them and let the more accurate. And that's all with the weekly update, raising an big family doesn't allows you many idle slots in your life... I let you some pictures with the internal marks, the before vs after comparison, and the final aspect of both eyes. Also how the teeth look like until (hopefully) next weekend. Cheers, mates!
  2. And here the final result of both eyes. My guess is that I should trim a bit more both eyes, and afterward sand them a bit. Your thoughts?
  3. Hi there, A introduced myself some days ago, and I'm building a RS Prop Masters helmet - ANH Stunt. As I have profited of the huge amount of info available in the forum, I think at least I should document the process just for two reasons: the altruistic: perhaps could be helpful for someone in the future the selfish: I can ask for help here during the build OK, here you can find the raw faceplate, (my nerves couldn't be seen in the photo, but are there) and the marking before attack it with the exacto.
  4. Hi guys, After reading for a long time the forum looking for some info, yesterday (Three Wise Men holiday in Spain) I received the MBB, with the RS Props Helmet kit for the Stormtrooper. The idea is to have a fresh start with it, and afterwards, go for the armor, but for sure, enjoying the trip, so no hurries (there's plenty of years for trooping ). I'll open a WIP thread soon, as I get started, and as questions arise, even although I have read the massive volume of info you have here. In addition, it seems it's quite an active community, the Spanish Garrison Forum is not as active. Best regards, Abraham. PS. Apologies for my English
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