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  1. Not yet. I thought I can reach more people here. Thx
  2. First of all hello to everybody! Sorry if my English isn't so good, because I'm writing you from Germany. I just signed up here because I'm planning to build a stormtrooper armor. I'm working in an elementary school and it would be great for the kids and maybe I could go to children hospitals, too (I don't think that there are such events here in Berlin) My problem is that I'm too tall. 2.04 Meters. So I cant use the custom armor. Now my plan is to build it with the help of my 3d printer. At the moment I'm working on my 3d printed helmet just for fun. But I cant find any usable 3d model for the armor. I found some files but they don't look so well. So my question is: has anyone some 3d files which are quite accurate so that I can make a printable armor out of it? Any suggestions or ideas are very welcome. Thank you!
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