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  1. Thanks guys TM is hooking me up with a Payment planplan
  2. Thanks for the welcomes Payment plans are a pain but soon BBB day will come soon ish.
  3. Hello all my name is Nate. looking to get my first set from TM was hoping someone nearby (Grand rapids , Rockford, Belding , Greenville) may have a TM set of armor I could look at and get a basic look of what I was getting into and anyone with tips and tricks to getting everything fitted and trimmed when Big Brown Box day arrives! Excited to meet others in the garrison and start trooping and making friends . Cheers , Nate
  4. Getting 501st approved is the plan maybe I should just get a kit. The expense is the problem there unless they could do a payment plan which I doubt with most places
  5. Hey just starting out with everything want to build everything from scratch so any suggestions to materials and any tips and tricks are appreciated thank you all in advance looking forward to starting soon!
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