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  1. I didn't know any better at the time, but this is actually what I bought a few years ago, and just now started assembling it myself. It started out as a really good Halloween costume. That's all I initially intended it to be. It's not horrible, but it is fine for the occasional outing. I don't think it will hold up to "hard" use. It is "matte" plastic and will require gloss white spray paint. Additionally some of the pieces aren't "square so it takes some work to shape them. I am 5'6" and about 150 pounds. The person whom this armor was cast from had to have been built like a freaking NFL linebacker because I have had to to do lots and lots of trimming. I don't think I will be able to get it up to 501st specs because I have had to rivet in places that I shouldn't, but won't be noticeable when I pit the Velcro strip seam on, in order to get it fitted right to my body.
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