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  1. I would love to share pictures of my build!! I've received great support and helpful hints from my garrison and I would love to help others who are short like me find everything that they need! It's been my dream to be a stormtrooper for over a year and I'm so excited it's finally about to happen!!
  2. Thank you everyone for the greetings! I'm so excited to finish everything. We got to see our garrison this past weekend and received some great advice on the fitting of the armor and for the suspension system! The helmet if finished (thanks to a great friend) and I have everything else for the build ... hoping to have everything finished in the next few weeks!
  3. Hi everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Amanda and I'm working on a Shadow (TX) Stormtrooper. I'm with Garrison Corollia in West Virginia. I'm really excited to start trooping.... but nervous about the armor. I'm 5 feet tall and I bought my armor from Walt. I had to get an adult small but we have trimmed everything and I have all of the soft parts! Now it's just time to fit everything ... an additional (and sizeable) amount will have to be trimmed off for it to fit! I'm currently working on the logistics for a harness system for the armor. So, if anyone has some tips or recommendations about this, I woild gladly love to hear them!
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