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  1. Well I’d prefer building the 1,5mm because I already know how to handle it. But I‘m a bit worried about the looks. I dont know if the 1,5mm is „glossy“ enough for the shadow trooper.
  2. Hi Guys! I hope this is the right place for the question, if not please move it. I already build 2 ANH stunt troopers, one was RS, the other one TM, both 1,5mm ABS and both went quite well. Now we think of building a shadow trooper armor. TM offers a shiny 2mm acrylic capped armor or 1,5mm ABS glossy. Does anyone know if there is a big difference in look betwenn those two? I belive 2mm is a bit harder to build than the 1,5mm. Anyone got experience with these two kinds of armor? Or maybe pictures to compare? Thanks for your help!
  3. Great, thanks! I'm not approved yet and I havent got lots of fotos, but here's a rather nice picture of me (TM, right) and my girlfriend (RS left) taken at the made in japan con yesterday I'll send some more soon!
  4. Thanks so much for your advice guys! With your help I was able to built the RS kit in less than 3 weeks and we already went on a Troop. Great fun :) No I found we made some black scratches on the armor (maybe with the blaster?) I tried to clean them with an eraser, but that wont work. Does anyone know how to get rid of those scratches? Is there anything special for white ABS?
  5. Thanks for your help! The soulder bells Link will be very useful! Does anyone else have an idea wich parts should fit together?
  6. Hi Everyone! I‘m almost done with my TM Armor and I will try to approve it it the next weeks. Now guess what! A friend of mine asked me to bulid his RS armor and I went „sure, why not! Cant be that different ...“ stupid me I got all the parts and there are no markings on it, so I dont really know whic parts fit togehter. Maybe you can help me with this problem? And there are several other things I wanted to ask: The shoulder bells look huge compared to the TM armor and they are curved, is that the way it sould be? One forearm part (part 8) doesnt fit at all, its way bigger than the other. Same with one shin (part 1q). Is the RS armor that different? Thanks for your help!
  7. Thanks guys for your advice, you helped me a lot! RS does offers a smooth helmet and TM offers a whole bundle containing everything. I gotta say both of them are really nice and helpful! It‘s not easy for me to decide wheter to buy RS or TM. There‘s one more thing I want to ask: TM offers a 2mm ABS acrylic capped armor. Whats the difference between this one and the 1,5mm gloss ABS?
  8. RS really offers a helmet with a smooth top? That wold be great!
  9. Did anyone ever try to combine the TM helmet and the RS armour? Maybe anyone has pictures of them combined?
  10. Thanks for your help guys, that really helped! Maybe I'll try the mix ...
  11. Maybe a stupid question, but would it be possible to combine a RS armor with a TM helmet? Do the colours match?
  12. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and I hope this topic hasnt been diskussed so far. I'm looking for a ANH Stunt armor and I think it would be best to buy RS or TM armor. Both armors look great, RS offers a very nice bundle with including the underwear, necksal, boots, blaster etc.This offer is great, it would save me lots of shipping costs. TM, as far as I know doesnt offer a bundle including soft parts and a blaster. The only problem for me is the look of the RS helmet. I found some close up pictures of it and the top of the helmet looks really "bubbly". The TM helmet looks smooth on top and in my opinion much better. Whats your experience with these armors? Which one would you recommend? Thx
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