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  1. Thanks for the help and advice guys, you've restored my hope I'm gonna do a test of it on a spare piece of plastic and then fix my mistake and I'll probably post again showing the final results.
  2. Hey guys. I'm new to armour building. I'm currently building my RS prop masters kit and I've been super careful until now where I think I've made a bad mistake. I'm useless at explaining things so I'll give it my best shot... I made the holes on the Abdomen plate which I was happy with then I moved onto the kidney plate and then when I lined them up, the holes are don't match up properly. I was so careful measuring it up, I have no idea how I got it wrong :( Can anyone tell me the 501st is okay with this as I'm looking to join, and a possible way the fix it...... other than getting a replacement haha
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