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  1. I'm sure y'all have a lot of good resources, tips and tricks so I am going to lean on y'all a tad if you are willing. I would like to purchase kit pieces and parts for a Phasma with a deadline for Celebration 2019. Can anyone suggest the best course of action for a guy who doesn't sew, willing to paint and put pieces together...but needs the parts to do so. Since this is a new thing for me, I'm a bit lost on what's a good starting point and who to talk to. Also, roughly, when looking at cost for parts, is there a neighborhood figure I can set my sights on? Realistic please. I am trying to go into this with my eyes wide open to know what to expect. Who is a good seller that you would recommend and why and for what parts? What have you seen be successful or paint points in the process? I'm eager to read your advice. Thank you so much. Also, links are encouraged
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