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  1. Hey all, As a new builder, I thought it might be helpful to document my adventure and hopefully get some sage advice along the way. So here goes! I'll start with my thought process as to how I ended up here. After some research on different types of E-11 builds out there, I decided that I wanted: Something of relative ease for a novice (I'm doing this primarily to build my skillset before receiving my Anovos TK kit later in the year) Could be constructed with limited space/resources Light and not too fragile for future trooping Had electronics/sound (even if it's not the best) Taking all of that into consideration, the classic Hasbro mod seemed to be the best choice. I sourced a nice 1996 Hasbro from eBay with everything in working order, and I also lucked out on a Doopydoos restock and got a conversion kit relatively quickly. Even though the electronics of the Hasbro worked pretty well, one of the primary mods I wanted to do was replace the LED with something bigger and brighter. So, one of the first things I needed to do was crack the gun open. I started off by trying to pry off the ends of the scope with a flat end screwdriver (the results of my early foolhardy efforts are clear in the picture), until I landed upon a more sophisticated method of adding a hammer to the mix. The hammer worked very well for generally loosening it up; for the more stubborn parts of the scope with tons of fused glue, I switched out to an exacto knife which helped really dig into the crevices. For the scope and barrel tips, I used a dremel that I borrowed from a coworker. It made short work to the plastic, and bonus: the LED still worked! After a few hours of work, I was able to get everything out with relatively no damage to the gun. I got pretty lucky, and it came apart without much issue. Well, almost. It turns out that during the hammering process, something got loose and the sound stopped working. If anyone knows if I can repair this, let me know. Moreover, I put some undue pressure on the gun while dremeling and one of the t-track fins received a hairline crack. I have Bondo, JB-Weld PlasticWeld, and superglue at my disposal - would be happy to take any advice on how best to address this. In the mean time, I used 400 grit sandpaper to shave off the legal mumbo jumbo on the sides. It's decently even, but I do notice some scratchy parts that doesn't quite match the smoothness of the plastic - will this show when spraypainting? Should I get a finer grade paper? I think that'll do it for now. I really want to address the electronics and t-track crack first before I move on to larger business like drilling in the extra set of holes on the barrel. Thanks for reading, and appreciate any words of advice that may come!
  2. I just started a Hasbro doopy E-1 conversion, and it started off well as I used a hammer and screwdriver to get out the rear scope piece pretty much undamaged. I also managed to get the front piece off rather cleanly with a dremel. However, now there are two issues that I need help with: 1. After using a hammer and screwdriver on the scope, the sound stopped working (lights are OK though). Is this easily fixable with a soldering iron? I will have pics of the interior soon, it's still closed up. 2. I was a bit rough on holding the blaster against a surface and now a hairline crack has appeared on one of the t-tracks. What's the best way of fixing this, bondo? Thanks
  3. I'm looking to do a simple E-11 for a first time build (limited space and resources), and decided that a Doopydoos conversion would be the best option for me. I put in an order for the kit, however, I've been having trouble sourcing a Hasbro blaster. I see a couple on ebay but I'm reluctant of the unpredictable quality of pre-owned electronics and plastic. I might just end up biting the bullet and rolling the dice, but I also wanted to know if anyone's heard or seen of any recent iterations of the blaster that might still be available. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Anyone know if the new, smaller Disney E-11s are compatible with the Doopydoo conversion kit? I'm not quite as researched on those
  5. Cheers, thanks for the note. I got an order going for the Doopy kit but I'm having trouble finding stock Hasbro E-11s...are they that rare? Where's the best place to get one?
  6. Hey all, First time poster and 501st hopeful here - thanks for creating a cool community and repository of knowledge for this stuff My Anovos TK kit is still a ways away, so I was thinking about starting another project in the mean time with an E-11 blaster. I've been reading around seeing the different types of kits and prefab options available, and I think I've narrowed down my choices. However, I wanted to also share what I was hoping to achieve with my first ever prop build with zero experience to see if anyone might have guidance on a better (or alternative) solution. First, here's my personal criteria: Can be constructed with limited space and resources (important, as I live in a small apartment with access to only a tiny balcony with no garage) Meets basic requirements (does not have to be Centurion level) Is of an appropriate build difficulty level for a newcomer (my experience level is basically building PCs and Gundam models) Fairly sturdy and mainly for trooping purposes (can be banged around without too much worry) Has decent electronics to start, with options for upgrading later on (such as the Hyperdyne kit) Based off of that, it seems like my best bet is a Hasbro E-11 and Doopydoos resin conversion kit. Based off of what I'm looking for, does that sound accurate or are there other potential approaches I could consider? Thanks!
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