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  1. And I'm 49, been a long term dream of mine. Just finished my armour in time for Halloween. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  2. The AM 2.0 kit comes with gray stickers to put on the teeth. I have the same issue, and am not sure how to proceed. Removing the stickers and painting is probably the best solution, but I haven't tackled that yet myself. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  3. Photo of gun & holster.

    1978 Star Wars Gun in Holster3.jpg

  4. Moved onto the Blaster/Holster part of my build. My 1978 Kenner Blaster should do the trick for Halloween, but needs a bit of TLC.  I plan to sand it down and paint it, maybe add some bondo.  Thoughts on matte vs. glossy black?  Also, disappointed to see the gun doesn't fit in the holster very well - any suggestions?  Thanks!

    1978 Star Wars Gun2.jpg

    1. eminge


      Anyone have any advice on my blaster/holster question?  Should I use flat or glossy paint on my baster?  Thanks


  5. Hot bath dip - great idea. Boiling water I assume? How long of a dip, or do I need to experiment? Thanks!
  6. Thought I'd start a post to get some questions answered. I completed the helmet fine, but am struggling a bit with the biceps and forearms. I needed to trim a large amount of material to fit my skinny-ish arms. The resulting shape has the edges meeting at an odd angle, so the material needs to be bent rather aggressively when the cover strips are glued in place. The clamps and magnets do a decent job of this, but need I be concerned at the amount of pressure that is left in the material when I'm done? I feel like I have coiled up a spring and it will fail at some point. The forearm picture below does a decent job of showing how, when I add a clamp, I will be forcing the material into a the needed shape. Should I be heating the material to get it to bend before I do the gluing? Appreciate any thoughts on this!
  7. I'm starting my AM build as well. I notice the helmet came with a LOT of screws and nuts. Any input on how to use them all? Did you screw the helmet pieces together at the brow and then cover with the black trim? I can see a dozen different ways to build this, maybe most will workout fine? Thanks - Erik
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