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  1. Alrighty inside and now outside coverstrips are in for the shins. Just need to do the back and they are done. Next up on the plate is the thighs.
  2. Ok so I took all the opinions and put them together. So hopefully these look right. I may trim the bottoms a little more once I'm 100% sure they are on the correct sides and such. Once I see green across the board I will finalize trimming and put the coverstrips on. So what do y'all think?
  3. Ok so I swapped the shins around. It didn't feel right against the calf muscles. Switched them back. Still felt wrong. Switched legs. Wrong. Switched them around again. Wrong. Anyone got suggestions for how to fix this? Do I need to heat form them over my shins or something? <br> Also these are wtf shins if that helps.
  4. Ok I'll give that a shot. Thanks.
  5. So try swapping legs then? I'm not following you exactly??
  6. Yes I do have my boots. They are waiting to dry after I painted them white (emulating the old screen style where they painted over black boots.) Also thank you for responding. I get verrrry little traffic here for some reason. ( Not sure if I posted it in the wrong area? Too many pictures? Just not sure.)
  7. Btw annnnny feedback would be super awesome. Heck just feedback for the shins would be nice. At this rate I'm gonna end up with a questionable finished TD....
  8. Ok so I would like some feedback for the shins. Another member suggested I had them mixed intially so I took his suggestion and fixed it. I have them mocked up, but would like some feedback if they look good before I make my final trimming and start glueing on the inside coverstrip. Also I would like a little feedback if the teeth looked good for the helmet. I'm not sure if I should make the fourth holes bigger or not.
  9. Oh I forgot to update this. Yes I purchased the pauldron and neckseal. Both turned out fantastic!
  10. Moved onto strapping until I ran out of snaps. Hopefully I can pick more up and more webbing as well. Also is anyone reading this? Should I just keep my build thread to mepd and my local garrison?
  11. While I'm waiting to hear some feedback I went ahead and got the left thigh about 95% done as well. Something I may have to do is alter the shape of a few parts ( Shoulder bells widened, butt plate a little more curve, and the left thigh needs a better curve in the back.) Any feedback on the post above would be super super appreciated though. Every opinion helps make this better.
  12. Ok guys so I decided to do a mock up today to let you see where I'm at. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. (Also I can already see the shoulder bells need adjusting.)
  13. Here is a better photo. The blue tape represents where the coverstrip will be.
  14. It's really coming together! Keep it up. The finish line is so very close.
  15. Ok so I'm starting on the thighs and would like some feedback. Atm I still need to trim more off the top to bring them up higher. However I would like to know if the thigh is pointed toward the right direction, if the lines at the top look good, and if the spacing is fine. Once I know those three factors I can finish the right thigh and copy it to the left one.
  16. Ok so extra abs came in today so I started on the kidney plate extensions! That way the gap on the sides is smaller or nonexistent. On a side note I'm pretty sure I need bigger shins, so I'm looking into either AM2.0 or wtf shins.
  17. So still priming and sanding the helmet, but cold weather has made progress slow. However I have finished trimming both biceps and both forearms. (Waiting for the coverstrips to dry from the e-6000. Been slow since I only have 10 magnets and 4 clamps.)
  18. I went ahead and snipped it and added it to the discussion. Somehow I missed that thread popping up over there.
  19. Ooh by any chance does that mean that this pack can be used for ANH style sandtroopers? Or are we going to make the pack exclusive for R1 type sandtroopers?
  20. May I ask why you intend on hitting the inside with plasti-dip? Also it looks like you made great progress on it.
  21. So working against the weather I have managed to get the first few coats of primer onto the helmet. Also I have already gotten the left bicep inside cover strips glued in and now drying. Progress is slow but steady nonetheless.
  22. I was informed it was an TE kit. The helmet though I'm not sure.
  23. Thanks for the suggestion and link. I forgot to update here since I've already moved on after doing more adjustments.(Like moving the ears down and trimming them more) In addition all my armor pieces have been trimmed. Now its down to fitting everything perfectly and making sure my cover strips measured out correctly. Edit-It would also help out if I made sure I was testing the parts on the correct limbs. (Had the shins on the wrong leg. XD)
  24. Could a mod move this thread to the sub forum? I started this in the wrong area.
  25. Hey everyone just getting this build going and already got some work done to the helmet. However the more I stare at this helmet the more I feel like it wouldn't be approvable.(Used to everything being perfect and symmetrical) By any chance could I get some feedback? Edit:Fixed it so photos appear correctly.
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