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  1. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcoming! I have already done extensive research on many topics here and the value of the information in this forum is overwhelming! Ciao Davide, certo sono già iscritto anche sul forum dell'Italica con lo stesso username Grazie!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Riccardo, I'm 25 years old and I am from Modena, Italy! Thanks to my father, since I was a child Star Wars has always been part of me and in recent years this passion has intensified a lot. When ROTS came out in 2005 I went to the cinema wearing the costume of Darth Vader my father made himself when he was about my age (crude and certainly not "screen accurate" but I was thrilled ), and I did the same for TFA in December last year, this time making some improvements to the costume myself, but still very far from the "screen accurate". This is to say that I have always been a big fan of the Empire, and even if Darth Vader is by far my favorite character, my secret dream for a while has been to wear the armor of the Stormtrooper, and to become a rookie of the 501st. I am here because I finally decided to make the first step into a bigger world! I am still in the research phase and evaluation of options, I may start a specific topic for that. Thanks in advance to everyone!
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