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    Star Wars, MARVEL, DC universe, LOTR, The Hobbit, Power Rangers, gaming, making drawings and paintings, and so on ;)

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  1. hello everyone !!, I just wanna show off my other 2 Star Wars costumes 1st is my Mandalorian from the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club, she is named: Dha Ca Krast and the 2nd one is my Bikerscout from the 501st legion, Dutch Garrison!!!! I am so very proud to wear both these costumes!!! I just love them unbelieveable much greetings, Marielle (TB-11300)
  2. oooohhhh this is looking awesome!! I wanna make a captain phasma someday too!, but I do not have a clue where I can buy a full kit and helmet...... can you help me with a website or something?? that would be very awesome!!!!!
  3. thanks everyone for the welcome here I am going to do some research today on which costume I wanna save money for the first hahah it's a hard decision between seventh sister from rebels, Captain Phasma from TFA and Zen-Aku from Power Rangers Wild Force! (I know I know... Zen-Aku isn't Star Wars, but is my ultimate dream costume! only thing is, it's sooo difficult to find someone who can make the armor pieces and the helmet/mask) I want them all, but first I need to save a lot of money real life kicks in a bit! because I do live on a farm where all kinds of people with autism and such live, and I do not have much money because I recieve unemployment benefits... but I will do my very best to get to my goal for these costumes!!!!! research day it is
  4. hello everyone!!!, my name is Marielle Jaworski, I love star wars with heart and soul I already have a 501st approved Bikerscout costume!, but I also wanna try to go TK if I can!! my weight isn't that good... I weigh around 330 pound (lb)............... so yeah............ I first need to loose a lot of weight... but I am already trying to gain information about the TK costume that I want my 1st TK costume isn't that easy also... because I wanna try to make a Captain Phasma costume when I am ready for it!!! my length is around 5,9 ft (181 cm), so I am not that small can't wait for when I am thin enough to fit in if I ever can greetings, Marielle
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