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  1. I’m by no means an expert, but I have put together one RS kit, and working on another [emoji1] Pic 1: the return edge on the wrist end should be removed altogether, so I think you need to trim a tiny bit more. Pic 3: I had the same on my 2 kits; I found that gluing the cover strip onto the lower side (the left part in the pic) first is the best, so when you glue the two halves together you get better adhesion. Hope that makes sense? [emoji848] Regarding pic 2: did you dry-fit the pieces and trimmes them down to the correct size? If not, you could trim the longer part down circumferentially, which should shorten the piece due to the slope at the elbow. Again, hope I’m making sense [emoji28] Hope that helps at all [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The left ear looks great! Super flush fit [emoji1303]the vocoder looks very nice too ☺ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. That positioning is looking good ☺ I'm not sure that you can rely 100% on those bumps for drilling the holes, though, so be sure to use your common sense as well ☺ I ended up with a few extra holes in my helmet, but they are all covered by the ears, so it doesn't show at all. -Christian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. That looks fantastic - i will try to make mine look like that ☺ thank you! -Christian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I don't think you should worry too much about the cheek tubes aligning; the ears will cover them anyway ☺ If I were you I'd focus on getting the brow line positioned correctly and centered properly, first and foremost - when the ears come on, you won't notice any misalignment between the front and back of the tubes ☺ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hey Stephen, In my humble opinion, your eyes and teeth look great ☺ and I think your cut lines look fine too, so I'd say you can go ahead and trim the faceplate and the cap and back [emoji1303] I'm sure you've already researched a lot, but when I assembled my helmet, this thread helped me a lot - even though it is not an RS helmet: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/tutorials/article/1-howto-assembling-ata-abs-helmet-1/ This one too: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/28633-howto-ata-helmet-build-hand-painted-details-pic-heavy/ Hope it helps ☺ Sincerely, -Christian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. After tweaking the biceps a bit, I decided I was satisfied with the fit and prepared my bicep pieces for gluing: Then I glued the first coverstrip onto the biceps: ...and the second one: So when the glue is fully cured, the biceps should be completely done - meaning all my arm pieces are finished! While the E6000 on my biceps cured, I decided to get to work on the shins. I trimmed the front part first, then put on some painter's tape to allow me to start fitting them. This is how they look so far: Front: Side view: The backs: If you guys think the shins seem to have a nice fit, I plan on trimming the back of the shins next. I do need your collective wisdom for some help, though. I measured the overlap between the shin pieces on the back, and it is 50mm, but with a taper towards the bottom. So, in order to get a nice, even and centered cut line on the back, I need to trim a 25mm wedge from both pieces - as least as far as I can tell. I would really appreciate some tips on how to go about this Here is a picture, I hope it explains what I mean: I can't wait to hear your input Sincerely, -Christian
  8. Hey Stephen, I'm not an experienced builder myself, but I'd say you could trim the eyes a bit more, especially the right one (right when wearing it, that is) - it looks a little "sleepy", if you know what I mean [emoji6] Regarding the teeth, I think you can leave it as it is - maybe take a millimeter of the bottom, and perhaps slant the top part a bit so it follows the contour of the frown more? Just a suggestion, I hope I'm making sense ☺ Sincerely, Christian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve, I know I did After almost 10 days without working on my TK costume, my fingers were itching to get back to it! Today I took a go at the biceps. I didn't get any good shots of the trimming or fitting process, but it wasn't all that interesting anyway. I just overlapped the pieces on my biceps, measured the overlap, and cut equal amounts from both the inner and outer parts. Here is the (unglued) result: Left: Right: They fit quite snugly, but I am still able to put them on and take them off with relative ease, as well as flex my biceps As far as I understand, that is the correct fit - right? Do give a shout out if you see anything that needs correcting - otherwise I will glue them up ASAP Sincerely, -Christian
  10. Brinkhouse: thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words - it means a lot for this first time builder I am definitely having fun with this build, all the while trying to find a balance between savoring the experience and wanting to be done as quickly as possible - I'm sure you guys can relate Just a tiny update: while gluing up the forearms and waiting for them to cure, I decided to trim the thigh ammo pack, using the TD as a guide: I also completed my belt! I was so excited and enveloped in the process, that I completely forgot to take pictures of it (oops) - but here is the finished result: And of course, a picture of me wearing it : That's it for now I am leaving today to spend Christmas with my family, so I won't be posting any updates for the next week. Have a great Christmas everyone Sincerely, -Christian
  11. Thank you for the advice everyone - I appreciate it Satisfied with the fit, I trimmed off the excess from the non-ridged side of the forearm, as well as the excess of plastic on the wrist side of the right inner forearm piece: Here are the left forearm pieces lined up, ready to glue: ...after test-fitting the cover strip of course : Here is the left forearm (ridge side), all glued up with clamps and magnets: I repeated the process for the right forearm - indeed it did go faster than the left Here they both are, curing: When they're done curing, I'll install the inner cover strip on the ridge side, and then get started on the opposite side Sincerely, -Christian
  12. So, I'm currently working on the forearms. Inspired by fragarock's build thread, I decided to cut a swoop in my left inner forearm piece. I marked out 1,5 inches (or 3,81cm ) from the edge and penciled in the cut line: Then I cut it with my lexan scissors. The result can be seen here, along with the other forearm parts: I've marked my forearms with tape where I want the cover strip to go on the ridged part of the forearms. 8 mm on each part: Then I wrapped some tape around the pieces to try and fit them to my arms, in order to determine how much material I need to remove from the non-ridged parts of the forearms. Pictures below: The left forearm: And the right one: They fit my arms nicely like this, and I can get my hands through the wrist openings. I'll of course need to cut the excess wrist portion off the inner right forearm piece, but I figure I'll do it when I have the proper circumference on the piece. I'm worried that the wrist openings might be too large - does anyone have any thoughts on this? Also, if the fit looks all right to you guys, my plan is to: Measure the overlap between forearm pieces Divide overlap by 2 Trim both pieces equally, in the amount needed Glue outer cover strip onto ridged part Glue inner cover strip onto ridged part for extra strength Glue outer cover strip onto non-ridged part Glue inner cover strip onto non-ridged part Does this make sense? And is it a reasonable plan? I've read that in can be a bit of a struggle getting the RS forearm parts to come together, which is why my plan is to attach both outer and inner cover strips to one side, before attaching cover strips to the opposite side. I hope you guys can help; I figured I'd draw on the collective wisdom of these forums before I just started slicing and dicing my forearms On a side note: going to see Rogue One tonight at the premiere - I can hardly wait! For some reason it premieres a couple of days early here in Scandinavia - I promise to keep this thread spoiler-free Sincerely, -Christian
  13. @Novak Dimon: Aah, so you speak from experience Good to know I'm not the only one I had today off, so in a frenzy of white plastic and flashing lexan scissors I rough trimmed most of my parts: Now my thumb hurts from all the trimming Also, last night I painted the screws on my TD black, so now I have one finished piece! Hello, sense of accomplishment I also finished trimming my belt front, so I should be ready to attach it to the fabric belt as soon as I drill the holes: And that's it for now, please give a shout out if you spot any mistakes - I'd like my suit to be as good as it possibly can be. Sincerely, -Christian
  14. @Novak Dimon: I've learned my lesson, I'll take it slow from now on. I guess when it comes to armor building, patience isn't my strong suit Scratches or no scratches, I decided to bust out the E6000 and glue the plate onto the pipe: I also got my TD end caps trimmed down to 20mm: So, hopefully my thermal detonator will be good to go once the paint cures (and I get the scratches buffed out of course). Looking forward to having something finished Kind regards, -Christian
  15. @Fragarock: Thank you very much! I have been watching your thread with great interest while waiting for my kit @Cricket: I sent an e-mail to Rob last night explaining my predicament - waiting for his reply now When I was assembling my helmet this summer, he also sent me a free set of replacement ears because I managed to muck one of them up - free of charge! Great service! Speaking of mucking up: I was assembling my TD and coming along great - was scoring and snapping away when my knife slipped. Twice! Here is a picture: Should I be panicking? The scratches are only superficial, and I have heard that Novus is great for cleaning up armor scratches, so I figure I'll get my hands of some and clean it up later Thoughts? Thanks, -Christian
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